Your Renault Scenic 2 digital dashboard /instrument cluster failed?

The company SOSinformatique18 is specialized in IT services as well as in the repair Renault Scenic 2 dashboard cluster and Renault Espace 4 dashboard cluster.
By entrusting us repair your Scenic 2 digital display you can be sure that the service will be performed by a qualified and experienced specialist who uses only the latest versions of licensed software and only the high-quality electronic components.

Renault Scenic 2 dash display and Epace 4 dash display repair

You have a problem with dashboard digital display of your Renault Scenic 2 or Espace 4? Your instrument cluster Scénic 2/ Espace 4 has the following symptoms:

  • clock resets each time you start
  • abnormal increase in mileage
  • the display flashes or works intermittently
  • the dashboard is turned off completely

If you have these symptoms is that your digital dashboard cluster Scenic 2/ Espace 4  is faulty, most often due to overheating of electronic components of digital display. We can repair your Scenic 2 /Espace 4 dash display within 48 hours. Just contact and send us your display to arrange an appointment. Repair Renault Scénic 2/ Espace 4 digital dash display is guaranteed for 12 months. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Repair kit for Renault Scenic 2 dashboard cluster and Espace 4 dashboard cluster

You want to repair your dashboard display Scenic 2 /Espace 4 youself? We offer a repair kit for display Renault Scenic 2 / Renault Espace 4. Skills needed to repair: desoldering and soldering micro-miniature SMD electronic components on a printed circuit, repair welds on SMD components. Delivery throughout Europe. Instructions for assembly included.
Ask us any questions, we’re here to help you. Contact us with our contact form and order the service you need.