Renault instrument cluster Scenic2 /Espace4 repair

If you have been experiencing faults of your Renault Scenic 2 dashboard display like :

  • No power
  • Intermittent power
  • Back lighting failing
  • Flickering
  • Display not visible
  • Mileage jumping up in value

It is very common for these panels to behave strange before they eventually fail altogether. We do repairs your Scenic 2 dashboard instrument cluster by replacing the faulty electronic components within 2 working days after receive with 12 month warranty!

All of our repair components are the best quality available and tested by ourselves fully, providing a relivable repair and you may be sure that the repair is carried out by fully experienced engineer.
Ours technicians are highly trained in all aspects of electronic repair and have a great knowledge of instrument cluster workings.

After repair, your instrument cluster will be checked with our bench test for 24 hours to ensure that we are satisfied that all works good.Your original car settings will not be disturbed. So your existing mileage, VIN number and other important setings will remain intact.

Our repair price is 120,00 +  return shipping charges. The return shipping charges depends on your country, please contact us to know the amount.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.